Friday, November 30, 2012

Ho Ho Ho!

       Eloise and I are so excited for Decemeber! The snow, hot chocolate, cozy sweaters, curling up with a cute man by the fire (well I guess I'll be doing more of that than Eloise!) and of course Christmas! We thought it would be a fun idea to show you all of the great Christmas treasures in Grand Rapids! And what better way to start off the Christmas festivities with a visit to Santa in Breton Village! But before we could make our way to see that jolly old fella, we of course had to stop by Leigh's to see all of the great new stuff they got in! 
       Before we even walked inside we saw the gorgeous window displays Patrick did, clearly he used us as his muses, I was the red naught side, and Eloise was the nice white side! We made our way around the store and saw that they were having the Wolford Trunk Show, I started eagerly going through the racks, when I came across the most amazing houndstooth long sleeved, turtle neck dress that was form fitting, I freaked, and had to try it on immediately, and it fit like a glove. It was then Eloise's turn and she found this perfect mermaid black skirt by Wolford, as well as this adorable red Kate Spade sweater, perfect for the holiday season. So after we found our outfits we made our way down to Bag, Bangle & Bling to find some fun colorful holiday accessories. 
       Because my dress was so graphic I really didn't need much! I found this amazing green emerald ring, as well as this adorable gold watch, that only added the perfect pop of color! Eloise found a great little green snake skin clutch, as well as the fun gold bib necklace! 

My great little accessories!  

Look at Eloise and her fun pops of color! 

A great graphic dress like this is perfect for the holidays! 

Doesn’t she look fabulous!? 

So after we accessorized our outfits, we decided we had to jump in line and wait to see Santa! We were so excited to tell him everything we wanted! I told him I wanted either Brad Pitt or George Clooney (George could be 10 years younger...he has to much gray hair for me) and I think Eloise wanted a new mini van or something! Just Kidding! she asked for this amazing black Armani dress from Leigh's ( hint hint Mr. Eloise!) 

Waiting in line for Santa! 

Aren’t we all just so adorable! 

Santa head over to Leigh's please! 

Santa doing some accessory shopping for Mrs.Claus!  

We had a blast talking to Santa, it put us right into the Christmas sprit! Stay tuned for next week and see where Eloise and I go for some more fun Christmas festivities in Grand Rapids! Happy Holidays, and Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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