Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kevan Hall Trunk Show!

       Eloise and I are suckers for a good Trunk Show, so when I heard that Kevan Hall, yes thee Kevan Hall was going to be at Leighs I about died. He was on our favorite show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" We just love watching women that are as fabulous as us make fools of themselves! But I'm always like "Hello Bravo!? Come make a "Real Housewives of Grand Rapids" show. I'm sure Eloise and I could handle being the starts along side of Mrs Van Andel and Mrs. Devos! What do you think ladies?! I've decided that I'm calling Bravo tomorrow, my face was made for tv! But anyway, I went and picked Eloise up and we made our way over to the best store in Grand Rapids! For our first looks Eloise found a gorgeous floor length black gown with amazing side detailing on it that just made her look 10 feet tall! While I found the perfect little party dress, that was this fabulous champagne color coverd in sequins!

                       I feel like there should be a red carpet underneath us, not hardwood floors!

       While Eloise and I were playing dress up, we turned around and Kevan Hall was standing right in front of us! Of course we needed a photo with him! He was extremely nice and so talkative! He has been in the industry for 25 years, working in Beverly Hills, New York City, and London! Which isn't hard to believe because his craftsmenship was so amazing!

     I have to say I was a little jealous he was touching Eloise lower back and not mine...Hello! I'm the single one Kevan!

       For our second looks, Eloise and I were looking for more of a day time dress, which Kevan does flawlessly! Some people may think that Kevan only does red carpet looks but oh know! He has the most amazing day time dresses that work for any occasion! We found these two dresses that had the same detailing on it, which was this really cool graphic 3D swirling pattern/material that added great texture to the dresses! Eloise for an all black dress with the gorgeous 3D swirling pattern on the top, while I found this adorable black and white dress with a fun skinny belt around the waist!

Don't we just look amazing!?

       Thank you so much to Kevan Hall for leaving behind the amazing California weather to come visit us at Leigh's! You are so extremely talented and we cannot wait to see you again soon!

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