Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ready for the Weekend

I know, I know...It's only Tuesday! But that doesn't mean that a girl can't start wishing (and preparing) for the weekend. Lola and I had to head over to Leighs today on our lunch break to hunt down the perfect outfit for Lola's date this weekend (And some new hanky pankies!! Shhhh!) We of course were able to find the perfect outfit, and Lola even treated herself to new Laura Mercier products. Check out the sexy cat eye look she is planning to re-create below.
Lola is always so daring! We just love this makeup look.


While looking around for the perfect Tory Burch handbag to pair with Lola's awesome pair of J Brand Jeans and Trina Turk Top, we bumped into yet another intern! We, of course, just had to introduce ourselves. We found out that the second intern at Leighs is Kelly, who is a student at Grand Valley State University. We also found out that she is a Cheerleader there. Maybe she will teach Lola and I a few moves? Let's hope we don't break a leg in the process...Although, if it did end up happening, it would be a perfect excuse for me to get that plastic surgery I have been talking about. Lola would kill me though!
We ended up chatting with Kelly for a bit before picking out a fabulous handbag for Lola's date. Kelly invited Lola and I out to lunch with her, and we ended up calling Abi to join us. We all went out to Grove Restaurant (Which has vegetarian options, just for Kelly) and had a fantastic time. We talked about past relationships, Abi and Kelly's future plans, and of course, about Leighs. Kelly is planning on pursuing a degree in the public relations industry, just like Samantha from Sex in the City!
From there we ended up discussing how our lunch date reminded us of all the ladies from Sex in the City. Talking about Carrie's amazing style made us hungry for more shopping at Leighs!

(How we wish we could be just like them!)
All four of us returned back to Leighs. Kelly and Abi had to get back to work but Lola and I ended up (of course) shopping around and purchasing a few other goodies. We can't stand the great sale deals at Leighs and all the new spring fashions that are coming in. Before we left, Kelly and Abi rushed out to give Lola a big hug before she goes on her date with "Mystery Man" this weekend. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that she will find true love!

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