Monday, January 7, 2013

New Friends and New Trends

A new year is upon us! For Eloise and I that means we are ready to start some new things. Now every year I always say I’m going to find the man of my dreams or some other cliché resolution for the upcoming year, but let’s be honest, we all know I’m still going to splurge on Nutella covered crepes sometimes. Anyways, this New Year is bringing us new friends and new trends! While we were out on the town New Year’s Eve we met some new friends that we talked and laughed the New Year in with.

Before Eloise had to pick the kiddos up from their first day back to school today, we stopped into Leigh’s for their fabulous sale (50% off clothes I’ve been looking at all winter? There is no stopping me now). While browsing the store and looking at the new spring wear I looked up and saw a familiar face. Now maybe it is the Champagne blocking my memory, I remember meeting this girl on NYE but I could not remember her name for the life of me! Come to find out, Abi is one of the new interns at Leigh’s and from what I’ve heard she has a few adventures planned. I knew her name started with an A but she just didn’t look like an Ashley to me. She was definitely the girl that complimented me on the height of my heals though.

Abi showed us around to some of the new bright clothing and accessories for spring and then tempted us with a few pairs of Michael Kors’ sandals. Eloise and I are so excited about all of the floral designs and bright colors that are headed our way for the upcoming season! Menswear is working its way into our wardrobes more and more, we know Eloise is excited about this. After some looking, we headed back to the sale racks and got to know Abi a little better, she is from Detroit but is going to be around at Leigh’s so we will definitely be seeing more of her.

Eloise grabbed some Tory Burch flats that were on sale, what a steal! She also found a few sweaters that I know she has been eyeing for quite some time and some bold statement necklaces to wear with her new tops. I found an adorable coat that I’m sure I will be getting quite a bit of wear of, I think this cold weather is going to be around for a little bit longer sadly. However, Eloise and I won’t let winter stop us from being bold with our color so we added some colorful bags for a bit of a pop. Eloise found a fabulous blue Cole Haan bag that I’m sure will have plenty of room to hold some extra gloves and hats for the kids and I found a fabulous flame red bag that I cannot wait to take out with me while paired with a cute peplum top and some printed pants, maybe I need a little happy hour trip?


Abi was super friendly but on the way out Eloise and I agreed that it seems like she’s got something up her sleeve, guess we’ll have to find out!

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