Monday, October 8, 2012


       It's our favorite time of the year again! And no Lola, it's not the half off white wine sale at D&W...It's ArtPrize! This year Grand Rapids was once again filled with creative, innovative and absolutely amazing pieces of art work from artist from all over the world! Lola and I decided we would take Jake the intern on a little adventure around ArtPrize on Sunday! But before we filled our day with art we obviously had to head over to Leigh's to try on some of their new fall fashions. It was a little chilly so Lola and I wanted to be dressed properly. I went for this really fun green plaid jacket that Leigh's just got by LAMB, with a pair of really comfy jeans by James Jean, and because it was so chilly out I just had to have this super warm turtleneck by Autumn Cashmere. Lola found this adorable fur vest by Dolce Cabo that everyone at ArtPrize loved, paired with an amazing sweater and pants from Vince! And we of course both wore shoes by Cole Haan!

Down the elevator we go to check out ArtPrize! I'm so clumsy I tripped while going into the elevator and smacked my head on the wall! Silly me!

       Our first stop was to the Gerald Ford bronze statue that was at the heart of ArtPrize! We didn't realize how big it was until we stood right next to it.

Look at Lola trying to whisper something into Gerald's ear, we know you love older men but not that old! 

       Well after Lola was done flirting with Mr. Ford we made our way to another area of ArtPrize and found the coolest painting ever! It was called "Family Portrait" The meaning behind the piece was to try and unite people, and spread great peace in the world. 

We couldn’t get over how big yet detailed the painting was! 

        While Lola and I were admiring this beautiful art work, we actually ran into one of the main artist himself! Eric Kravako, a Muskegon native was finishing up a tree, and stopped what he was doing to come over and talk to us girls! He was so nice and his message about the art work was so inspiring! 

Lola watch those hands! Mr. Ford wouldn’t appreciate you talking to other men! 

       The purpose of the painting, was like we said earlier to spread peace and unite the people of Michigan, but what I didn't mention was that this entire piece was on the side of this large bus, which was meant for housing art classes to underprivileged children, which me being a mother just melted my heart! 

Here’s the school bus that Eric was talking about! 

We met some lovely girls that Jake the intern knew from Grand Valley State University! Julie and Abby were so nice! 

       We had such a fun time taking Jake around Grand Rapids and ArtPrize, thank you so much to all the artist and everyone else who made this years event so memorable and special! See you guys later! 

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