Sunday, October 14, 2012

Couture for a Cure!

       So last night wasn't the most amazing night or anything, right Eloise? Well in case you missed out my girl and I got all the pre show, and backstage stories and details on everything that happened last night at the 7th annual Couture for a Cure runway show! So once again my personal favorite night of the year rolled around and I couldn't be more excited! Couture for a Cure is more than just a fabulous night of fashion, it is hosted at the Van Andel Institute and helps raise funds for science education and cancer research. 

       So once again Eloise and I weren't asked to be in the show..I guess it's because we're to stiff or something like that, but whatever, we had our special seats behind the runway! But before I get into too much of the juicy details, let me tell you about what happened before the show! Eloise and I made our way to Leigh's to pick out our outfits for the show, which were already hand selected by Daniel Vosovic, a native West Michigander as well as the featured designer of Couture for a Cure 2012! Eloise wore this adorable forest green button up t-shirt dress and I had the most amazing outfit ever! A floor length shirt with this mosaic detail, matched with a sleeveless top that had the same detailing! Now Eloise and I are all ready for the show! 

Let the show begin! Oh hey look, it’s Leighs! 

I just had to try the catwalk at least once..It may look like I'm in great shape, but my thighs were on fire after! I don't know how those model did it! 

       Once I showed everyone my fabulous walk before the real models arrived, Eloise and I made our way backstage to help set up before the show! 

Look who we found! Diane Teall, our first intern! We missed her so much! 

Quick Eloise! Strike a pose there's photographers everywhere! 

       There were four different segments for the show put on by Leigh's followed by Daniel Vosovic's Spring 2013 line! Each segment had a different theme, the first was Bond Bombshells, which I hold close to my heart cause I myself was casted as a Bond girl, well...not really, but hey, a girl can dream! The second was Colorful Characters filled with amazing colors for fall, followed by Rock-Her which showed that there's an inner rocker chick in every girl, and finishing with After Hour Diva's which I mean I'm not really an "after hour diva" I'm just a diva all the time! Daniel Vosovic's line finished the show which was filled with amazing separates, dresses and gorgeous prints! 

Clearly Daniel wanted to use us in the show but I think I drank a little to much wine before hand! Opps! 

       There are so many people Eloise and I need to thank! First off, thank you to everyone for coming out and showing your support to Leigh's, Daniel Vosovic and most importantly helping to raise funds for important research and science education at VAI. The Van Andel Institute was as gorgeous as ever and shout out to all the amazing models you looked fabulous (not as fabulous as me!) but still fabulous! We hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and we'll see you next time! 

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