Friday, October 19, 2012

Lunch and Happy Hour at Houlihan's Restaurant & Bar

Well todays weather was a drag! Because it was so gloomy out today, Lola and I decided we should head over to Houlihan’s for some lunch and of course happy hour! But before I could make my way to lunch, I had to drop the kids off at day care, and when I went to pick Lola up she had already started her happy hour early! That girl is crazy but I love her! The great thing about Houlihan’s is it was so close to Leigh’s just a quick little walk across the parking lot! Lola and walked into Leigh’s to check out all the new fall fashions they had got in and we couldn’t believe the amazing selection! Lola went for this amazing Rachel Zoe jacket that they had just got in that day, paired with some Rich and Skinny, skinny black jeans, while I wore the most amazing Blue Pea coat, with a great pair of green Vince pants! Because it was so cold out Rebecca showed us the amazing UGG section! Seriously so many UGG’s so little time! But what we are really excited for is the UGG trunk show happing at Leigh’s on Tuesday October 23rd, and Wednesday October 24th! And the great thing is that it’s the only UGG trunk show in West Michigan and Leigh’s gets to host it! Make sure you stop by and check it out! So after we picked out our outfits for lunch Lola and I were off!
oh my gosh look at this weather! Good thing we have on our comfy and cozy UGGS with these amazing new fall jackets! Lola and I were in loveeee with Houlihan’s atmosphere! It was open yet intimate, and the lighting as well as the decor was amazing! Houlihan’s is considered a “Restaurant & Bar” but don’t expect that whole dirty college bar scene (Even thought Lola loves those college boys!) This restaurant was gorgeous! So Lola and I found our way to the Bar..of course and took a seat! The menu was filled with amazing fresh options, even offering vegetarian and vegan options for all you heath nuts! And don’t get Lola started on the happy hour drink specials, needless to say Lola didn’t just fall in love with the bartender...
Lola got more than a glass of white wine! she got the cute bartenders number!
Like I said the atmosphere was amazing! I love how the restaurant was divided into different sections yet it was a really cohesive restaurant, everything went really well together!
And like I said we just loved the bar...and the bartender!

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