Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lacks Cancer Center!

Well ladies it’s that time of the year again! And no Eloise it’s not the Valentino Trunk Show at Leighs...It’s time for us to get our yearly mammogram, and just in time for October, Brest Cancer awareness month! So before my girl Eloise and I could head over to Lacks Cancer Center we just had to stop by Leigh’s and see all of there new fabulous fall fashion that they got it, which of course they never disappoint. I found this amazing blue dress by Tracy Reese, with this dramatic collar and great leather detailing on the side. Eloise snagged up this adorable, yet simple Diane Von Furstenberg dress adding a silver necklace and belt, just made the outfit! So after we made our purchases Eloise and I drove over to the Lacks Cancer Center for our appointments!

                                              isn’t this waiting room just beautiful?!

       It makes me want to wait even longer! So before my girl and I slip into our mammogram gowns (which I look fabulous in) we wanted to educated you a little bit on what exactly a mammogram is, just in case you didn’t know! A mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breast. It is a procedure used to check for breast cancer in woman who have no signs or symptoms of the disease. Usually during the procedure the machine will take two pictures, one of the left breast and one of the right. The x-ray image is used to detect tumors that cannot be felt.

                                 You know how much I love short dresses, but not this short!

       Eloise went first, then I followed, the procedure doesn’t take long at all so don’t be nervous!

                                                   I don’t really think this is my color...

       The staff at Lacks was amazing, Carole Gentry was so helpful along with the entire staff, they make you feel so comfortable and the atmosphere is so “homie” which is so important when undergoing your mammorgram because it can be a scary, nerve-racking thing. Just remember ladies if you’re over 40 years old you need to get checked at least once a year! And go with a friend, it makes it easier...and after go out for lunch or shopping, make a girls day out of it! That’s what we did and it was a great way to start our weekend! Until next time ladies, we’ll see you later!

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